Chapter Six - Lessons Learned

didn’t care what the media said about the President as long as Reagan was pictured in upbeat patriotic settings, preferably with American flags around him. Deaver wanted to make sure Ronald Reagan’s spirit was portrayed for what it was. All those around the President caught his contagious, benevolent spirit. He lived it and passed it on.

The following principles are the top ten things I “caught” from Joy.

1. Be Myself

A true witness delivers souls, but a deceitful witness speaks lies (Pr 14:25).

Joy is and always has been…herself. She is authentic. She’s never spoken a ‘churchy’ language, nor has she ever strived to be anyone other than who she is. Even being a pastor’s wife for 44 years, she did not fall into the trap or temptation to be or act like someone she wasn’t.

She didn’t live out the role of someone she thought she ought to be. She was definitely the real diamond and not a cubic zirconium.

Even though I always appreciated and wanted “real,” a leadership role offered many alternatives to authentic that looked good, but were not necessarily good to the core. We connected in the real zone, and she unconsciously gave me permission to be authentic.

Joy reminded me, “You know any time that we want to be, or think we want to be just like somebody else, we’re setting ourselves up to be an imitation. I refuse to be that. And I’ve learned to look past the flaws in leadership—people with great callings but personal weaknesses.

“It used to be so confusing to believe one thing, yet see something else. I really struggled with this issue in prayer, and finally God told me if He doesn’t use imperfect people, He won’t have anyone..

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