Chapter Six - Lessons Learned

Antidepressants are often needed. However, for a lasting change the person taking the medication should also consider therapy from a Psychologist, counselor, or trained pastor. God uses medical progresses to enable us to be all He means us to be. Learning to listen and not react to my emotions has been a major part of recovery and is an ongoing process for me.

There are some medical conditions where drugs are absolutely necessary and may be so for a lifetime. Joy has seen magical transformations take place in people who are able to function normally and be rational after use. God uses these drugs and medical technology to help us and enable us to be all He meant us to be.

Joy’s stepfather had an emotional problem, not Joy. It became Joy’s problem when she reacted. When she learned to listen to her emotions and not let them rule her, they gave her the impetus and strength to acknowledge and accept the pain of the offense, draw boundaries with him, and forgive him. If you don’t feel strongly, how will you carry it out?

“I was talking to God and asking Him, ‘Isn’t there a place for emotions? You gave us emotions for a purpose. Help me to understand why.’

“He taught me that emotions give force to my decisions. You know what you feel when you channel it in the right direction. Those emotions give force or strength to that channeling. We don’t just discount emotions. We know that they do have value because God gave them to us, but we have to use them for the right reasons.”

4. When I Abide in Christ, He Answers my Prayers

If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you (Jo 15:7).

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