Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

Jennifer lent a listening ear and encouraged Hilary to journal her experiences and feelings. As her aunt has mentored her, so Hilary shares her experience, strength, and hope to others who have been through similar life traumas. “I did a lot of journaling about what I was going through. We met once a week for about three hours each time and talked about how I was doing and what I was feeling.

“Sometimes we would focus on specific issues whether, it was fear, isolation, sadness, or anger, depending on what I was going through, what was in the forefront that week. And I know without a doubt that process and my meetings with Jen helped so much in my recovery because talking about what I went through is important. So many people just keep it bottled up inside.

“Being able to communicate what I was going through instead of feeling isolated, helped so much. Being able to talk about it made me feel stronger, like I was doing something about it. I wasn’t just taking it lying down. I was standing up and turning it into something positive.

“And my relationship with Jen has been a blessing because it was difficult at first to talk about it with my parents. That’s not to say anything bad about my parents and my family, it’s just difficult because they are so close to it and it affects them in a different way than it affected Jen. My parents were always there for me and ready and willing to talk. Jen has been awesome, in the fact that I felt close enough to her to be able to open up to her, but not too close where I worried about upsetting her and seeing tears.”

Hilary found safe waters with Jen so she could be all whom God called her to be. Through their mentored friendship they both wake up daily and live life with deeper meaning than before November 9. They both see how God meant them to be together for His purposes.

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