Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

Joy makes learning fun. With her, I always feel great. I never walk away feeling worse. She makes it easy for me to learn.

Within the context of our companionship and throughout her life, Joy demonstrated that success is the everyday gradual accomplishment of a worthwhile goal. Good news takes awhile to get around. Bad news travels fast. We don’t hear about the good people the way we hear about the famous, notorious, or outstanding people. When we compare their outsides to our insides, we get into trouble. Then we either get disgusted, give up, and feel like a failure—unless we can be famous, we are made to feel that we have not achieved and will never be anything worthwhile. This addresses the psychological need to feel important, but simply scratches the surface.

Hilary took her trauma and turned it into a triumph. She let go of her feelings of worthlessness and gave the glory to God for her healing and deep sense of worthiness and well- being.

“It’s crazy… you know, this horrible thing happened, and He provided me with what I needed to get through. I’m doing so much better. You know, there are good days and there are bad days and there are still hard things. But the difference is amazing from right after the rape.

After it happened, I originally thought, ‘OK, I need to change my platform, but I can’t do it yet. I need to wait a little bit further in the recovery process.’ After a couple of months of working with Jen and really thinking about it, I felt this passion that I needed to be out there making a difference right now to help other rape survivors. I was praying about it a lot and trying to decide if I should change my platform.

“At church one week, they were doing a message about Queen Esther, and the pastor read, ...Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (Es 4:14). And I felt God telling me that now was the time to change the platform. Queen Esther was a wife

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