Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

to the king, which gave her the opportunity to save all those people. She had the choice to either accept that opportunity or ignore the call.

“It was like God was speaking directly to me saying, ‘Look, this happened to you and you were blessed with the Miss Scottsdale title four days after. You have this incredible story that you can reach people with, so you should be out there doing it.’ So I said, ‘OK, God, You win, I’m going to do this.’” Hilary understands she isn’t great because of what she’s done. She is great because of her choices and the decisions she’s made in the midst of incredible odds.

We need to go deeper to define our purpose. There is a difference between ‘great’ and ‘famous.’ Sometimes someone can be both. Famous is external recognition for doing something outstanding. Many famous people are not great and often feel miserable inside. Famous may or may not be great. However, there are also great people who never become famous—happy, well- adjusted people who know they are living the life God designed for them. They are the great people. They don’t strive for fame.

The important thing is to embrace your moments of destiny and experience their unfolding that leads to clarity, desire, and commitment to your personal fulfillment. Not a cheap imitation of someone else. You have all the God-given qualities within you for true greatness. Each of us has a feeling of greatness that can lead to true greatness. Joy used to think this was just in certain people, but her years of counseling taught her that every person has this buried inside. It only needs to be uncovered, awakened.

Do you want to go through all your life merely existing? You would not be reading this if you did. There is something crying out within you. This feeling is God’s blessing to you that you may become all who He meant you to be. It is the ‘X’ on the treasure map. Perhaps it may be weak at first, or hidden by circumstances and thoughts of discouragement.

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