Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

“When you hit somebody over the head with Bible information, you’re not sharing the gospel. Forcing Bible facts and figures and verses is not sharing the Word. George reflected, “Maybe that sounds cynical, but it’s got to be living that Word. It’s got to be Life at the time of a person’s need. We have been guilty of providing Bible bullets when someone needed a hand.

“And it’s our God-awful need to be right and to think that we’ve got the answers to everybody’s problems. It was not necessarily that many of the things Job’s friends said were not accurate. Their words were right, but they were wrong.”

George did not make this journey alone. “Sam has been a good friend for a very long time. Because he understood he was a fellow traveler on this road both religiously and in recovery, we had a bond. It was just him being there; he understood it; he had been there; this was not new territory; there was no judgment.” Jesus qualified the call through mentoring. He mentored them through friendship.

For three years He trudged with them down the dusty roads, over mountains, through valleys, in storm, in want, in every conceivable circumstance. They saw Him minister to all men—the lepers, the demon possessed, the harlots, the ecclesiastical dignitaries. They saw that He separated Himself from no one—the rich, the poor, the respected, the scorned—whatever their need. By His touch and His teaching Jesus showed Himself to be the Answer. By His friendship and His love, Jesus showed Himself to be a wise, trusted, loyal Advisor.

In all He did and through their connection, He was conditioning the chosen 12. They had the most meaningful relationship imaginable. They were not just hobnobbing with the elite, but right out in the hard realistic ruggedness of life, lived daily with Him. They were rubbing shoulders with all of humanity’s woes. It was a real relationship, an authentic jewel. They were

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