Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

not social climbers. Their climb upward was walking with God and grasping hold of as many as possible, and taking them with them.

Mentoring happens in families as well as in friendships. But just as not all friendships evolve into mentoring, not all family relationships evolve into mentoring.

Joy’s husband Herschel was a pastor; for 44 years he led, nurtured, and encouraged his congregation. He loved people. He had his priorities ordered in integrity. Bringing out the best in people is a blessing both Joy and Hershel passed on to their children and grandchildren. These traits with which their offspring were born did NOT ensure the success of Herschel’s descendents. Choosing to act upon these skills in a positive, functional, and beneficial way worked on their behalf. The blessing of bringing out the best in people was the result of mentoring because the baton was passed by choice.

As Joy and Herschel passed the baton, their children Tommy and Vickie took it and ran with it. Now the baton has passed on to all the grandchildren.. [[Danni who is Survivor winner is Vickie’s daughter.]]

When raising my four children, I’ll never forget asking Tommy before we moved from Phoenix, “How did all your kids not only come out OK, but be so outstanding?”

Tommy furrowed his brows as he always does when he’s about to say something significant, then honestly and humbly replied, “I am not perfect. In fact, I made a lot of mistakes. But I loved them. Luke, Matthew, and Kristie all know that I love them.”

To keep it simple we’ll start with Joy and Hershel, but this blessing probably extends way back, and didn’t originate necessarily with biological family. From Joy and Hershel, extending to Luke, Matthew, Kristie, and well beyond, I’m just one of the multitudes whose lives have been forever changed for the better as a result of their love.

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