Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

Trust is one of the most significant ingredients in the friendship Joy and I share: trust. I trust in you. Trust, believe in, put my confidence in is another way of saying, I have faith in you. The definition of faith is translated from the Greek word meaning “to leave it in the care of, lay it all on the line, even to death.” Faith is not a struggle, it is a rest resulting from leaving all in our Heavenly Father’s care!

A trusting child leans in confident repose upon the father’s shoulder. We lean upon our God, rest, trust in repose upon Him.

Petra didn’t always trust God. She was a self-proclaimed atheist from the time she was 16 until she was 35. She had reason to be. The day she ran away from home, her father knocked her into a bathtub where she cracked the back of her head open. He then pulled her out and held her against a wall by her throat until she passed out. When she came to, she quietly packed a tiny suitcase, while her father stood over her telling her she was a whore and a tramp. She quietly walked out the front door.

Petra never said a word—not that she was leaving for good nor that she was running away. Nothing. He followed her about two miles in silence. That day she walked 18 miles. Her grandmother wouldn’t take her in, and her boyfriend’s parents would not help. So after spending a night next to a tree in a city park freezing, she walked all the way back home. Her father had locked all the doors which had never been locked before.

So Petra climbed through a window, got a tent, pillow, and blanket, then walked all the way back to town again. She did have $400 saved, so she spent the next six weeks living with her meager belongings. Yet God knew Petra, kept His eyes on her, and was with her even in the dark places. He made darkness His secret place… (Ps 18:11). Her alcoholic parents never tried

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