Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

Our society is fast-paced and goal-oriented. While there is nothing inherently wrong with setting goals and reaching them, letting goals become a priority will disappoint you. Because goals are always changing, they were never meant to fill the vacuum in your soul. God created your spirit as a place for Him. As my trusted friend, Joy pushes me closer to Jesus and I do likewise. We take great comfort in our relationship, but we knew before we met that it’s all about God and not us. Maybe that is why it’s so meaningful. Having goals and enjoying reaching them will be most rewarding when premised upon a purpose and destiny for living that are grounded in God’s love. In our friendship, Joy loved me and showed me that Jesus loves me.

Billy Graham’s wife shares Joy’s favorite thoughts on this. “Just give me Jesus. I think that’s pretty much the answer,” declared Joy. “Give me Jesus, and when we have Him in our hearts like you and I do, we constantly point one another in the right direction. That direction is toward Jesus, always.”

I tell my children the two things I can count on in life are change and God’s love. We handle change best when abiding in God’s love. Joy showed me how to abide within the confines of our trusted friendship. After Hershel died, her sister died and Joy was only getting older. Her fear of becoming insignificant was becoming more real. She saw her life literally being passed on to me and it made her life worth living.

Joy gives God the glory for this. “I became what you needed because God designed it. He designed all of the details and knew that He would be glorified and His purposes would be filled in our relationship together. And we understand that.” When you clearly understand your purpose and destiny you will choose goals based on this premise and have the most meaningful fulfillment. Mentoring through a trusted loyal friend and advisor helps you get there.

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