Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

This is really just a simple message that discourages depression, and encourages everything good you’ve got going on in your life. We want you to learn to live life like a rag, and squeeze every drop out of it.

There are wonderful relationships all around you just waiting to happen. You only need to show up and be willing. How can we show up when we feel so overwhelmed with endless mundane daily activities and life in general?

Don, a spiritual and professional coach, travels worldwide for both corporations and ministry. He teaches five competencies effective when incorporated your everyday life. They will work for you if you can identify them in your life. If you feel deficient in one of them, ask the Holy Spirit to give you a willingness to change. Regardless of the problems in your life, if you can identify the following, they will help you right where you are.

1.The Competency of Purpose: If you find purpose in everything you do, God can use you in that area. You have a unique ability to do things that other people can’t do just because you are driven by a need.

2.The Competency of Connection: No matter what you’re doing, not matter what’s going on, if you have connections in you life, you will handle crisis better. You will manage life’s problems better.

3.The Competency of Perspective: If you have the ability to measure and weigh things in the right assessment of order and responsibility in your life, you will maintain balance and your equilibrium. Let big things be big, and small be small.

4.The Competency of Learning: Learning is the ability to gain understanding or skill in your situation which will enable you to cope, grow, and face one-on-one challenges.

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