Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

Goal=Target. It is the place where a project is finished or a trip is ended. Goals may change and have different meanings, but your purpose stays constant.

There is a difference between great and famous. Famous is an outside public recognition

for accomplishment. Great is an inside understanding and recognition for who we are and living it out. God made us all great, not famous, but great. Through our trusted friendship Joy showed me how to live great. Do you just want to be famous and fulfill a psychological need or are you living out great- the life God designed for you?

Don’s 5 Competencies are a simple effective way to cope with feeling overwhelmed and helping us stay in the present and enjoy each moment. They will work for you right now.

“Speak to broken hearts and you speak to a large audience.”

Charles Spurgeon “Man looks on the appearance, but God looks on the heart. Man considers the deeds, but God weighs the motives. To be always doing well and to think that you have done but little is the sign of the humble soul. To be unwilling to have any created being for our comfort is a sign of great purity and inward trust.”

Thomas a Kempis

“Be somebody to someone.”

Mother Theresa

As iron sharpens iron;

So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

12:43 pm