Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

me another chance to learn my lesson. As adults, there are areas in our lives where we still act as children in adult bodies and simply need a safe setting to mature and heal.

Jennifer Cecil is a spirit-filled counselor who loves Jesus and integrates her spirituality and faith in her counseling practice. Her niece Hilary Griffith is 19 years old and on a full academic scholarship to Arizona State University.

When Hilary was raped, her pain became her mother’s pain and it was an unbearable load for Hilary to carry. “My family’s always been very close. Every summer we take trips together, and we do little family get-togethers all year. My aunt Jen and I have always had a pretty good relationship. But after the rape happened, my entire family was devastated.

“It was really difficult to talk to my mom about it—both my parents actually—just because it was really hard for me to see how much it hurt them to find out how I was doing. If I was doing badly, then they would be upset, and I didn’t want that. So I’d tell them I was doing fine even if I wasn’t just to save them the pain.

“Jen was there for me from the beginning. That night she was there in the hospital with my family, and she was calling to check on me and offered to take me out to coffee and just talk and be there for me. So we started meeting, and she’d ask how I was and just be there.”

Both Hilary and her aunt Jennifer understand God put them together to fulfill His purposes in their lives. They experienced a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment and understanding that has matured them both and brought great healing and deliverance for Hilary.

Mentoring is counseling for the calling. In our loyal friendship, God used Joy to prepare me for the road He intended. I needed her wisdom and experience to be spiritually equipped to effectively serve in the capacity God had designed for me.

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