Chapter Three - Seeing God In Our Friendships

went to her coach a couple of times to practice her routine, and her mother told the pageant coordinator Hilary would miss the first evening.

“I remember Hilary calling Thursday night and talking about whether she should compete in the pageant on Saturday. I told her that if she wanted to try but couldn’t, it would be fine because no one expected her to compete. The significant part of that conversation was when we prayed. We prayed for God’s will, not what Hilary wanted, not what the rest of us wanted, but what God wanted for Hilary.

“She woke up the next morning and decided to compete, and she won Miss Scottsdale. We couldn’t believe it. When the judges interviewed Hilary behind the scenes, she introduced herself and said, ‘I’m really glad to be here. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it—Tuesday night I was raped at knifepoint in my apartment, and I wasn’t even sure I would live, much less be here. But I’m here. If I didn’t compete, I would let this person destroy my life, and I’m not will to do that. I’m here to take on the responsibilities of Miss Scottsdale and answer any questions you have for me.’ Hilary was able to speak to those judges with authority. It wasn’t ‘poor me; feel sorry for me.’ She did beautifully throughout the entire evening. We were in tears and beside ourselves when she won.

“What she told me later made everything clear. ‘Hilary, why did you decide to compete?’ “‘Well, Jen, I wasn’t sure until I talked to you on the phone.’

“‘What was it about that conversation that was meaningful?’

“‘You said, “Hilary, I wasn’t planning on going to watch you compete, but if you’re going to compete I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”’

“Hilary said that comment turned her around because she knew she had enough support to do it. That amazed me because I thought the significant part was the prayer I had said. But it

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