"God admonishes older women to give good counsel and train younger women. Make A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman tells of the legacy Joy is leaving through her mentoring relationship with Lindsey. Join them in this exciting journey of love and friendship!"
Joyce Meyer
Best Selling Author and Bible Teacher

"The Dream Center's Mission of meeting tangible and spiritual needs is reaping a harvest of fruit from the seeds planted many years ago by my Grandmother who taught me God's natural laws lead us to God's spiritual principles. We have to feed the hungry first before teaching them the Gospel. You will learn her secrets to a happy loving life now in Make A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman."
Matthew Barnett
Dream Center Los Angeles

"Make A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman breaks new ground in reconciling significant relationships in a practical and stimulating way that gives the reader the confidence to dare to do the difficult in connecting and succeed."
Laurie Beth Jones
Author of Jesus - CEO; The Path; and Jesus, Life Coach

"This book has such a precious lesson for us all throughout the storyline. I certainly have found mentoring relationships to be extremely important in my own life, in every area. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to enrich their lives through Godly relationships and growth."
Betty J. Mohlenbrock, M. Ed.
Founder of Family Literacy Foundation

"Older women teaching the younger women sounds like a good theory because it's from the Bible. But I experienced the mentoring of my caring grandmother Joy Barnett all the way from my toddler tea parties and childhood prayers to winning Survivor: Guatemala!"
Danni Boatwright

"A delightful example of the older woman teaching the younger woman, Joy and Lindsey's account will grip your heart. Filled with fascinating stories and practical help this book illustrates the joy of living Jesus out in mentoring relationships. A timely read in a culture where women seeking resolutions to difficult issues through their relationship discovered the answers in Him."
Sandee Fuller
Area Director
Community Bible Study

"At its very heart this is a book about love- God's beautiful, overwhelming, and all-encompassing love for us in Jesus Christ - and how we can truly experience that love in the blessings of our relationships with others. It is not about us, it's about Him pouring His love into and through us in the lives of those special ones He places in our path as we walk ever closer to Him. The greatest of these is love... love never fails."
Bonnie Botsford
Horizon Christian Fellowship

"Make A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman provides excellent and practical principles for Christians to clearly understand Christ's calling and purpose in their lives."
Bill and Vonette Bright
Blessing Before His Death in 2003
Campus Crusade for Christ

"Is it ever okay for a Christian to be envious? I only had to read the first few pages of Making A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman to know that I want a relationship like the one Joy Barnett and Lindsey Clifford have! May God continue to bless them, and may He use their book to stir the hearts of women to reach out to one another--even across generations."
Michele Buckingham
Writer and Editor of over 40 Christian books

"Let's face it. Women are experts in shaaaarrrrring. Imagine the difference in your life and the ones you love as you read Make A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman. You'll enjoy this practical book. Remember that God always uses people to change others' lives."
Dr. Kevin Leman
Psychologist, Author of The Birth Order Book

"For a practical mentoring 'how-to', Make A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman is a must read. How a woman can expect to grow to her fullest God-given potential is beyond me without the nudging, tough love and unconditional support that come from a focused and committed Christian mentor. Using the example born out of their own precious relationship, Lindsey and Joy show us how it's done."
Sylvia Lange
Crimson Bridge Ministries

"With all the so-called revolutions in sexuality and gender sensitivities, too many women have lost sight of the beauty and the power of being a real woman. This book will help them regain some of that lost respect for femininity."
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Syndicated Radio Host
Author of The Proper Feeding and Care of Husbands

"We all need someone to talk to--someone who will listen to us, encourage us, and love us unconditionally. That's the kind of relationship Joy Barnett and Lindsey Clifford have developed over the years, and I'm happy for them. All of us can learn from their example."
Jackie Buckingham
Wife of the late author Jamie Buckingham
Director of Hebron Ministries

"Our church with a heart began by having a mother with a heart. Joy and Lindsey share their meaningful lives through a deeply fulfilling friendship with Jesus and show that one plus one equals ten thousand!"
Tommy Barnett
Phoenix First Assembly
8:19 pm