Lindsey Clifford, Co-Author of: “Make A Difference Mentoring Woman To Woman”
Life's real meaning is rooted in relationship - first with Christ, then with others. My dear friend Joy and I began the journey of our friendship almost thirty years ago. It changed the course of our lives forever. With time we began to see that God was calling us to share the secrets of our relationship with others who had the need for deeper, Godly friendships. I had so many friends wishing for what I had but didn’t know how to get there.

The fruits of the friendship between Joy and me are seen in our book “Make a Difference Mentoring Woman to Woman” and in the lives of other women you will find on this website, from Courtney’s free e-card photos to Carol’s Declare Your Prayers. On this website you will find many resources to help you identify, nurture and maximize the God-given friendships already in your life, and to live with a deeper understanding and clear purpose.
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