• How To Use This Book

    Let me tell you a story about how Jesus’ words impacted someone’s life in a very powerful way. Sara’s sister Alina was going through a terrible time. Her husband refused to pay child support. He moved her with their three children to another new city, and then abandoned them. She had been out of the workplace for years, in a strange new place, with no home and facing the streets. Sara gave Alina a copy of Just Jesus. “It was the only hope I could share with her. What else could I give her?” reflected Sara, with longing compassion in her voice. She was facing her own challenges in a depressed economy with their four children.

    Just the words of Jesus were the only gift Sara could offer Alina. His words had deeply touched Sara, spiritually strengthening her, helping her navigate through some challenging personal and family issues. As we focus on His words, they will naturally settle in our heart. Things that settle sometimes appear hidden, but are still present. They may be tucked away, but God brings them to light when we need them most. Alina is not out of the woods yet, but she has God’s peace in her heart, recognizing how He daily provides for her along with the children. She experiences His gentleness, sensing His soothing presence in very harsh circumstances.

  • Jesus’ words change lives. His thoughts, His perspective and His ideas have greater impact than any other words ever spoken. They are so strong yet so simple. His words compelled people to devote their livesto serving Him by serving others. His words taught and brought true happiness. They spread like wildfire to countless others that changed the world forever. Nadia was touched by the simple direct precepts Jesus offered she now implements in her own life. When her mom developed breast cancer and her dad faced open heart surgery during the same year, all she could do was pray and offer them Jesus’ words. Just Jesus carried her parents through one of the most difficult places they’d ever been in their forty year marriage. “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?” observed her dad when reading Jesus’ words. Going through open heart surgery and surviving twenty years of alcoholism, Jesus’ words were the lifeline that brought him into a place of peace, healing and well being.

    Imagine you are walking with Jesus. What would you have heard Him say if you were a follower walking down the path as the disciples did with Jesus? As we walk with His words, it will have the same effect on us as it did with His followers. Following His words today impacts us as deeply as it did His disciples when Jesus walked on earth. He is with you right now speaking to you as He did to them. His concepts will change your life as radically now as they did back in the day! His words, ideas and thoughts are still the same.

  • The most important words ever spoken came through Jesus. Miguel loves reading Just Jesus. “It’s so simple,” he said. “What Jesus said is all we need to follow. Simply dwelling on what He says shows us what He wants of us. He makes it so clear. It’s not history. It’s just Him.” Just Jesus so deeply impacted Miguel; he shared it with his friend Jason. Jason was having a hard time being motivated. Miguel knew that if Jason would focus on what Jesus said, reading His thoughts and ideas would bring clarity to some of the issues in his life. Not anyone else. Because this is God speaking.

    Jesus came and spoke about His experience. Jesus was a magnet. He wanted people to see Him. His words stimulate us to see Him, feel Him, and know Him. His words cause us to cultivate relationship with Him. What Jesus said motivates, encourages and strengthens. Talk with Him and listen to what He has to say. The way we develop relationship is through conversation. You talk most with those you love and enjoy the most. Jesus is always speaking, wanting to draw you to Himself. When Jesus speaks, lives change.

  • I am so excited about Just Jesus because it has been an incredible experience developing a deeper relationship with Him by focusing on what He said. I feel like I am sitting at His feet listening to what He is personally telling me. I never thought I could have a conversational relationship with Jesus, yet this is what Just Jesus offers. I have seen lives changed. There is something very special about Jesus and His words. Jesus is the centerpiece of our faith. What better way to get to know Jesus than to read what He said? As you open this book, what do you think He is saying to you?

    Li loves reading Just Jesus. It is a conversational growth model for him offering an interactive relationship. He talks with Jesus and Jesus talks with him. It has deepened his connectedness with his Savior in a way that has changed his life forever. He wants to share this with others. Like a wildfire when Jesus walked this earth, Just Jesus is spreading by word of mouth. When Li’s friend faced divorce, the unthinkable happened. A horrific car accident almost took the life of their teenage son who suffered third degree burns over most of his body. It has been an incredibly painful rough, rugged road for entire family. The only thing Li could do is pray. Then he gave his friend a copy of Just Jesus. Because he understood and had experienced the healing power contained in Jesus’ words. Jesus touched everyone He ever met. His words are the centerpiece of healing strategy for this family as they face marriage issues along with each new surgery needed for healing their son. His words show them how to walk with God in each new fiery trial.

  • Just Jesus is a relationship builder with Jesus. It creates connectedness with others. This book is about talking with Jesus. If you take this book in bite size pieces, you’ll enhance your relationship with Him. Before you begin reading, pray and ask God to show you what He wants you to see in His words. Then read a portion of Just Jesus. Take what you read as words spoken directly to you from Jesus. Let Him disciple you through what He is saying to you. What would you say back to Him? How is your relationship with Him enhanced by your time with Him? He is waiting right now to enjoy time with you. May you get to know Jesus better and love Him more deeply through this book. It will change your life forever.
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