Having Faith

You have given us Your Word, Your whole and holy Word. Lord, You are upright and faithful to Your promises. The sum of Your Word is truth and every one of Your righteous decrees endures forever. Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven, Your faithfulness extends to every generation. Your Word and truth are dependable today, for everything serves Your plans. You have sworn on Your own name, and You will never go back on Your Word. Lord God of truth and faithfulness, You have blessed us and You are faithful to Your Promises. Lord God, You have given us both Your promises and Your oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for You to lie.

When You, Lord God, wanted to guarantee Your promises, You gave us Your Word, a rock-solid guarantee – God You can’t break Your Word and because Your Word cannot change, these promises are likewise unchangeable.

Adapted from: Psalm 89:35; 92:16; 119:160, 89-91; Isaiah 45:23; 65:16; Hebrews 6:17.

7:37 am